Call for Papers

For information only. The Call for Papers is now closed. 

Proposals are invited for papers for a conference on International Medievalisms in June 2019, sponsored by the Irish Research Council.

Plenary Speakers: Dr Nadia Altschul (Glasgow) and Dr Andrew Elliott (Lincoln)

In 2014, Louise D’Arcens and Andrew Lynch defined international medievalism as ‘a domain of cultural practice in which geographical, cultural, and temporal demarcations are brought into question’. The aim of this conference is to take a broad chronological view of medievalism as a cross-cultural and transnational practice, from its earliest stages during the Reformation to recent online ‘banal medievalism’ (Andrew Elliott, 2017). It will explore the ways in which members of (imagined) communities and cultural groupings have made use and mis-use of apparently medieval texts, images, and ideas which are associated, or perceived to be associated, with the pasts of other communities, regions, or nations. The conference aims to chart and debate international medievalisms from a variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives including literature, languages, architecture, and the visual arts.

Proposals are encouraged from early career researchers (postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers), and a limited number of travel bursaries are available.

Topics could include, but are not limited to:

Methodologies and approaches

  • is medieval reception inherently cross-cultural?
  • popular and/or scholarly international medievalisms
  • religious and cultural approaches to international medievalisms
  • medievalisms and postcolonial theory
  • international architectural medievalisms

Does place matter?

  • global medievalisms
  • international (mis)use of medieval imagery
  • temporal and geographical alterity
  • the impact of Eurocentric medievalisms
  • country-specific approaches

From chapbooks to the internet

  • cyclical medievalisms
  • early international medievalisms
  • Reformation medievalism
  • period-specific approaches
  • international medievalisms and the contemporary world
  • international medievalisms in the visual arts

Papers should be 30 minutes in duration. Proposals should include the nameaffiliation and contact details (including email address) for all authors, as well as a brief (max. 200 words) abstract and paper title. Please send all proposals to international.medievalisms@gmail.comby 15th December 2018. All general inquiries should be sent to the same address.

The Call for Papers is also available as a PDF, and you can follow the conference on Twitter for announcements.

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