About Me

marypicI am currently an Irish Research Council-funded Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Maynooth University looking at nineteenth-century cross-cultural Anglo-German medievalism. Before this, I was a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for British Studies/ Großbritannien-Zentrum at the Humboldt University in Berlin, and a College Lecturer in German at Oriel College, Oxford. I completed my DPhil at Merton College, Oxford in 2016. The project was an AHRC-funded comparative study of late-medieval accounts of pilgrimage from Germany and England to Jerusalem. I approached these writings as literary texts, which can reveal how their authors understood their identity, individually and collectively, and how they understood the practice of pilgrimage. I have also taught medieval and modern German literature, and medieval and modern German language, including translation, to undergraduates.

I am the co-organiser of Teaching the Codex (@teachingcodex), and the organiser of the International Medievalisms Conference (@InternatMedConf), which will take place at Maynooth from 27th-29th June 2019.

I co-organised Women’s Responses to the Reformation, an interdisciplinary workshop which took place in Oxford on 23rd June 2016 (@womenref). Part of the workshop was the first ever English-language performance of scenes from the Juttenspiel, a fifteenth-century German play which survives only in a Reformation print. The translation was the result of an online collaborative project.

The entries I post on my blog are primarily either informal papers I have given, which aren’t going be published elsewhere, research updates, or interesting medieval places I have visited.

Follow me on Twitter: @maryrboyle

Click here to see my publications.


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