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Teaching the Codex II

After the success of the last colloquium, there will be another Teaching the Codex colloquium with panels focusing on art history, music in manuscripts, continental and anglophone approaches to manuscript studies, and manuscripts and outreach. For more details see the Teaching the Codex website.


There has been a bit of a gap in blog posts here, as I have been ill for some time. I am now recovering, and hope to post again soon.


Women’s Responses to the Reformation

I am currently co-organising a workshop focusing on women’s responses to the Reformation with Edmund Wareham and Charlotte Hartmann. The workshop will take place in Oxford on 23 June 2016. Our programme is now available, and you can register for the workshop here (£10).

Part of this project is a crowdsourced translation of the Juttenspiel, a fifteenth-century German play about Pope Joan, which survives only in a Reformation print from 1565. The play has never before been translated into English! We will conclude the workshop with a performance of some of the newly-translated passages. This will take the form of a dramatic reading, along with musical accompaniment, and finishing with a wine reception. The performance is free, and there is no need to register for the evening.

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Conferences, Manuscripts

Teaching the Codex

I am co-organising an interdisciplinary colloquium on the pedagogy of palaeography and codicology, working with Tristan Franklinos, a colleague in Classics. You can follow us on Twitter @teachingcodex, and have a look at our WordPress in order to see our motivation behind organising the day. Registration will be open shortly, but in the meantime, our timetable is now available online. Have a look below!