A Wintry Pylgrymage

I am currently working on a DPhil thesis which looks at pilgrimage writings produced by two Germans and two Englishmen towards the end of the long fifteenth century. I am reading these texts as literature, and considering what they have to tell us about identity and experience. The German writers are Bernhard von Breydenbach and … Continue reading A Wintry Pylgrymage


Bodleian Library, MS e Mus. 160: Beyond the Text

The subject of my first post is the image in my header picture. It’s from an English manuscript, Bodleian Library MS e Museo 160. It is a Carthusian manuscript, written around 1520, probably in Yorkshire, and I first encountered it during my Masters. This is essentially a brief overview of a paper I wrote then, … Continue reading Bodleian Library, MS e Mus. 160: Beyond the Text